Chernobyl Disaster 30 Years Later

by Bil Zelman

Some recent work I’ve been doing with the International Neurosurgical Children’s Association. This time in Kiev, Ukraine – eighty miles from the 1986 explosion. While official numbers are still largely obfuscated by politics, most neurosurgeons there believe they are dealing with the aftermath daily.
*The radioactive fallout zone shown here may or may not be directly linked to illnesses of patients photographed in Kiev for this essay. (And verifying causality will forever be disputed.)

“The government in Ukraine speaks very openly about the fact that it thinks the problem of Chernobyl is firmly in the past – that the majority of deaths have already been accounted for, and that with each passing anniversary things will only get better,” said Liudmyla Zakrevska, president of Children of Chernobyl, “We are constantly trying to show the authorities that in reality this problem is not going anywhere.”

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