Ad Campaign for 19 Crimes Wine- Prague

by Bil Zelman

In 1868 John Boyle O’Reilly was transported via prison ship from London to a penal colony in Western Australia. Midway through the voyage, O’Reilly and another prisoner established a handwritten newspaper calledĀ The Wild Goose which contained poetry, stories and anecdotes from members of the ship’s convict fraternity. Seven editions were produced, and one single copy of the original set survives in Whales. TheĀ Hougoumont‘s passage was the last convict ship transport to Western Australia.

*In 2015 genius creative Joe Kayser booted my ass into a time machine and told me to “Shoot the voyage like a fucking whiskey ad.” I can’t recall all the details but remember waking up in a freezing cold, communist era soundstage in Prague with a camera in my hand…

(And yes it’s true- You can open a bottle of wine by banging it on a wall in your shoe.)

Thank you Joe.