Kill the Photographer

Bil Zelman's Experiment in Discretionless Curation

Puerto Rico

Japanese posting for “No giant terrible thing with fire”?!

Patagonia with Sebastian Copeland and Factory Design Labs for Revo

Barnes & Noble Nook campaign launch shot with the great folks over at Mullen

Monkey Vs. Sloth!

I don’t normally shoot nature scenes but…Ten feet up a tree in the Amazon Delta, a sloth eats- (Click).  Sloth looks to me and smiles- (Click). FREAKING SCREAMING MONKEY ATTACKS- (Click) and bites us both.  I fall out of the tree with an angry little monkey on my neck pulling my hair (no shots of that- […]

Some alone time in Tokyo and Shanghai on a recent and wonderful shoot with Apple-


The many dangers of open casting calls off of craigslist-

Casting was for “real people” and someone sent us this photo.  Running wagers around the studio on whether or not he’s wearing pants. You rock masked man!