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Albert Watson honored my book “Isolated Gesture” with an Art Directors Club Award

“Dusk through Dawn” at the Portland Museum of Art.

While shooting a commercial in Portland, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have multiple pieces in a fantastic show at the museum – Also included are works by Garry Winogrand, Robert Doisneau, Ansel Adams, Minor White, Chris McCaw, Peter Henry Emerson, Edward Weston, Edward Steichen and many others. If you are in the area, please […]

My father, the scientist, who gave me that camera when I was nine.

Please Join Me at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC October 25th, 2013

I’ll be speaking at the 2013 PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. My seminars are titled The Authentic Photograph and How to Create Advertising that Doesn’t Look Like Advertising. For more info and to register, visit For more information on my seminars, visit

San Diego Magazine

-Thank you Ann Wycoff-

Isolated Gesture

Collectors quality, oversized 9 1/2” x 12” – 144 pages of Duotone plates, hardbound linen cover with debossed title, dust jacket and stitched “Smyth sewn” seams. -Available Here-

Old Bull Lee Catalog- The best time you could ever have on a shoot.

Jason Segel- I love you man!

Bil’s Really Bad At Backing Up

Elmo photographed in Los Angeles. Seriously.

no Santas were harmed in the making of our film-

The many faces of Kristen Wiig.

Ten new portfolios- Fresh smell of ink.

Anything for the shot.

Corrida de Toros. No mixed feelings here.

London rain on the way to lunch with Publicis-

Puerto Rico

Japanese posting for “No giant terrible thing with fire”?!

Patagonia with Sebastian Copeland and Factory Design Labs for Revo

Monkey Vs. Sloth!

I don’t normally shoot nature scenes but…Ten feet up a tree in the Amazon Delta, a sloth eats- (Click).  Sloth looks to me and smiles- (Click). FREAKING SCREAMING MONKEY ATTACKS- (Click) and bites us both.  I fall out of the tree with an angry little monkey on my neck pulling my hair (no shots of that- […]

The many dangers of open casting calls off of craigslist-

Casting was for “real people” and someone sent us this photo.  Running wagers around the studio on whether or not he’s wearing pants. You rock masked man!

Windy here

A quiet moment at the city dump-

Paper towel tube portrait

Returning a prop at the airport in Seattle. Shit.

Coachella with an iPhone

We Hate Blogs

I’ve resisted blogging for years but presently have important things to say. Ready. Set. Go!