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“And Here We Are – A Nature Story” at Museum of Photographic Arts

Huge thank you to APA and the Museum of Photographic Arts for an unforgettable evening and amazing turnout.  

Rio Grande Restaurants

A fab campaign with forty good friends, one donkey (yes donkey) and thirteen bottles of tequila. Huge props to the creative superstars at Piggyback Creative Productions.  

“And Here We Are – A Nature Story”

This ongoing body of work examines the current condition of our rapidly changing landscape, the punishing impacts of non-native and invasive species and the fragile places where man and nature collide.  For the past two years I’ve traveled extensively from the Amazon River to the Hudson, across the Sonoran Desert, made three trips to the Everglades […]

Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide

Proud to have made the top 200 list again this year friends.

Rancho Mission Viejo Development Company

One campaign. Two Silver medals. Three Golds.  


I’ll be speaking tomorrow night at a charity fundraiser for San Diego’s refugee students. Please join!

Very happy to present my new Director’s Reel

PDN’s PhotoServe Photographer of the Month

Really wonderful article by Peter Berberian on PDN’s PhotoServe. Read the full article here.

The stunning Jennifer Hudson photographed in Atlanta

Walmart Grocery

Small, precious moments and motion pinched from an impossibly large set…


Cobblestones, steel and felt. (Click photo to see more)  

Ugg Boots – “Est. 1978”

Shot in the sand and sun of San Diego.

Chernobyl Disaster 30 Years Later

Some recent work I’ve been doing with the International Neurosurgical Children’s Association. This time in Kiev, Ukraine – eighty miles from the 1986 explosion. While official numbers are still largely obfuscated by politics, most neurosurgeons there believe they are dealing with the aftermath daily. *The radioactive fallout zone shown here may or may not be […]

Kids On My Street

Tiny beach towns along the California 101 still exist in places. No street lights. No sidewalks.

Very happy to be a part of Pro’jekt LA- Lucie Foundation show at Smashbox Studios
Month of Photography Los Angeles- Instagram Smash.

Wall projections. Prints for sale. Awesomeness. Thursday April 21, free to attend.

Happy to premiere my new 2016 Director’s Reel

Fab music by La Luz.   Bil Zelman- Director’s Reel from bil zelman on Vimeo.

RIP Glenn Frey

My DP Trevor wrote something I’m copying here because it’s so damn perfect- “Someone once said: The Eagles weren’t a band you listened to, they were a band you did stuff to. They were on every road trip, every break up, every celebration. Like an old friend. Take it easy Glenn, and thanks for the […]

Fun with Video Conferencing? Yup. We did that.

Stills took a backseat to the motion on this wonderful project for Highfive- CD Joe Kayser Jeff Lee and Matt Lopman on the lenses Stills, film direction and spiritual guidance- Bil Zelman

Reggae Superstar Rocky Dawuni

Congratulations to my friend Rocky on his 2016 Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. In addition to being one of the best reggae performers on the planet he’s been appointed the Tourism and Cultural Ambassador of Ghana and World Ambassador for the Musicians Union of Ghana. He’s also joined forces with Product (RED), UNICEF, the […]

RIP Scott Weiland.

Beautiful and cerebral- Fresh eyed and strong just out of prison- Scott and Mary and I shot this feature for Raygun magazine back in our late 20’s. His song Sour Girl was a smash the week I lost one of my closest friends to similar battles and still takes me back to crazy, beautiful and hard memories. […]

A few out-takes from our just released (and remarkably out of the ordinary!) pharmaceutical campaign.

Joe Ferrazano on creative. Art buyer Ali Cohen on the drums. Saatchi Wellness in the house. Huge props to Heather Smith for finding our venturous talent!

That one time it rained in California.


The Amazing Frye Company- Fall 2015 Out Now

Shot on location in Brooklyn.

Ad Campaign for 19 Crimes Wine- Prague

In 1868 John Boyle O’Reilly was transported via prison ship from London to a penal colony in Western Australia. Midway through the voyage, O’Reilly and another prisoner established a handwritten newspaper called The Wild Goose which contained poetry, stories and anecdotes from members of the ship’s convict fraternity. Seven editions were produced, and one single copy […]

Very happy to see one of my favorite campaigns on the back of Rolling Stone again this month.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Nerd out- On July 4, 1826, at the age of 90, John Adams lay on his deathbed while the country celebrated Independence Day. His last words were “Thomas Jefferson still survives” (after receiving a letter from his old friend). He was mistaken: Jefferson had died five hours earlier at Monticello at the age of 82. […]

Opening: “Isolated Gesture” / A Solo Show – Sparks Gallery, May 31 – July 28, 2015

ON VIEW MAY 31 – JULY 28, 2015 OPENING RECEPTION: SUNDAY, MAY 31, FIVE TO TEN PM SPARKS GALLERY:   530 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 RSVP Required – email or call (619) 696-1416 to be on the list. Or RSVP ON FACEBOOK. // Curated by Bil Zelman // Isolated Gesture Books available […]

Ever feel like throwing your entire life’s work onto the lawn and doing snow angels on it?

Happy 2015 Everyone.

May we always have a Christmas tree in the spa and champagne in our pool.

Happy Freakin’ Holidays from the North Pole

2014 Communication Arts Photograph Annual

Jim Beam print campaign with CD Kevin Mckeon and Strawberry Frog. Art Buying brilliance by Josette Lata.

Scary Selfies

Bobbing for scary selfies this Halloween for SONY’s New water proof phone the Xperia Z3v. Huge shout out to Fitzco!

Harley Davidson 2014. F’ing Awesome. More to come…

Love that brandy eggnog…

PDN Pulse Video – Bil Zelman On Directing Kids on Advertising Shoots

“Photographer Bil Zelman explains how he used psychology (and magic) to get emotionally genuine performances from kids for two recent advertising shoots. Zelman specializes in shooting lifestyle advertising for top brands such as Coke, Apple and Budweiser that looks real, not staged. In a previous video, he shared tips and tricks he uses to coax […]

A little fun with ESPN’s College Game Day crew for Coke Zero.

Shot in beautiful Atlanta with Arc Worldwide.

Smart Little Campaign-

Spot it in Men’s Health, Money, Sports Illustrated, Oprah Magazine, Fortune, Real Simple, Time, People, Reader’s Digest, Real Simple, This Old House, Parents and others…

P.J. O’Rourke

“We know nothing about where political systems come from.  We don’t even know where they don’t come from. And considering the shiftless, slave-trading, bed-hopping, debt-ducking (and that’s just Thomas Jefferson) nature of America’s founding fathers, who also included rum-soaked bunkum merchants and Indian-massacring land swindlers (and they all oppressed women and weren’t vegans) we should […]

Zach Braff-

Support Zach’s Kickstarter project and next film here.

A quiet evening-

San Diego Magazine

-Thank you Ann Wycoff-

Phone interview with Sherry Riad regarding “KCRW Diaries”.

Click “Vimeo” link in lower right of video to view in full resolution.

Judd Apatow

KCRW Diaries

Sent to me by my good friend Justin Christmas morning.

Click for Video Take_0012

PDN Article- Behind the Scenes with Bil Zelman

“In the past year, Zelman says he has been asked to shoot campaigns that emote contentedness, pride, elation, celebration, defeat, consolation, intelligence, a sense of loss and pensiveness. He explains. “Figuring out ways to make those people genuinely feel those emotions is the secret sauce.” He says, “The Agency really believed strongly in my suggested […]

Isolated Gesture on Kickstarter-

Please take a moment to check out my fourteen year street photography project and proudest achievement. Publishing hard cover, limited edition, collectors quality on Kickstarter. Thank you.

Taxi, Billy Goat and Matt with the only generator on the island.

Louis C.K.

KCRW Diaries

The Stunning Karen Marley, Club Afro Funke’, Santa Monica

Jeremy Lin for Volvo in NYC-

Interesting NPR report on our AFL-CIO Broadcast spot.

Pretty cool. You can read or listen to the NPR report here.

Brian Unger is a serious man.

Rolling Stone Italia.

Werner Herzog photographed in Los Angeles-

In the offices of Tony Hawk-